Engendering Healthy Masculinity (EHM)

Protocol Description

EHM engages adolescent boys from disadvantaged neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh region at participating youth-serving agencies. Agencies are randomized to one of two curriculums. The Manhood 2.0 curriculum teaches about respect, nonviolence, and healthy sexuality, and the Job Skills curriculum teaches skills needed to obtain and maintain employment status. Importantly, the facilitators of EHM curriculums are stakeholder-identified men from the communities where the program is taking place. We work closely with community partners to establish sustainable connections that will allow the program to be ongoing once the research aspect is complete.

Eligibility Criteria

Males age 13-19 recruited from participating youth-serving agencies in the Pittsburgh region.


Participants will attend a 6-9 session program totaling 18 hours. Participants will complete 4 surveys and 6-9 feedback forms. Surveys will take place at the beginning of the first session, the end of the last session, 3 months from the end of the last session, and 9 months from the end of the last session. Feedback forms will be filled out at the end of each session.

Status: Open to Enrollment

Source(s) of Support

Center for Disease Control

Additional Information

Adolescent Medicine Research

Primary Investigator

Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD

Contact Information

Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD: 412-692-8504; elizabeth.miller@chp.edu
Sarah Zelazny: 412-692-6359; sarah.zelazny@chp.edu