Evaluating the Feasibility of Using Role-playing Games (RPG) as Depression/Anxiety Interventions in Adolescents with Chronic Health or Mental Conditions

Protocol Description

This study is designed to help the University of Pittsburgh researchers better understand:

  1. If there are any meaningful relationships between chronic disease, game-playing habits/interests, and depression/anxiety
  2. If there is interest among adolescent gamers with chronic health or mental conditions to participate in research studies involving RPGs

Eligibility Criteria

  • Ages of 14-19
  • Has a chronic health or mental condition. Chronic diseases are defined broadly as health or mental conditions that last 1 year or more and require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living or both.
  • Lives in the United States


Participation involves 4 sessions over the course of one year that will take place online or by phone. Each session will take about one hour.

Status: Open to Enrollment

Additional Information

Adolescent Medicine Research


Yes – Participants will receive $10 for completing the survey.

Primary Investigator

Dmitriy Babichenko