FLEX-Brain Study (Fun, Lifestyle, Exercise and the Brain)

Protocol Description

This study is investigating how brain health affects responsiveness to evidence-based weight management. Researchers are looking at whether cognitive, functional, or structural deficits for youth who are obese have impaired abilities to adhere to weight management programs.

Eligibility Criteria

Adolescents ages 12-17 who are interested in becoming more fit.


  • Participants will complete a fitness evaluation with an exercise physiologist, a brain scan and several assessments and questionnaires.
  • Participants will attend weight management group meetings to address fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.
  • Participants will engage in physical activity sessions with a certified trainer.

Status: Enrollment Closed

Additional Information

Adolescent Medicine Research


  • Participants will receive a monetary stipend of up to $190
  • Participants will be provided with free access to a nutritionist, trainer, and gym close to their home

Primary Investigator

Dana Rofey, PhD

Contact Information

Dr. Dana Rofey or Dr. Nermeen El Nokali: 412-383-8136