Development and Testing of imHere4U: An Online Suicide Prevention Intervention for Cyberbullied Adolescents

Protocol Description

Teenagers 12-17 who have been cyberbullied in the past year and trusted adults in their lives are invited to participate in interviews to guide researchers at the University of Pittsburgh on the development of a new intervention that aims to improve coping among cyberbullied youth.

Eligibility Criteria

Adolescent participants will be ages 12-17.11 and English-speaking. Adolescents must have a past-year history of cyberbullying for qualitative interviews. Trusted adults will be an individual over the age of 18, who the adolescent considers a prominent member of their social support system (e.g. a parent, family member, or school professional) to whom they have or would feel comfortable disclosing cyberbullying.


Participation will include a one-time visit for youth (1-2 hours) and trusted adults (1 hour).

Status: Open to Enrollment

Additional Information


Yes, youth and trusted adults will receive $25 each for their participation.

Primary Investigator

Candice Biernesser

Contact Information