Mood and Brain Circuitry in Adolescence (MBA) Study

Protocol Description

Are you the parent of a 12-17 year old child who is depressed? If so, your child may be able to participate in a research study to help learn more about brain and behavior changes in depressed adolescents. For more information visit the University of Pittsburgh MBA Study website.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 12-17 years old
  • Symptoms of depression currently (do not need to meet full DMDD)
  • No psychiatric medication
  • Never diagnosed with bipolar, psychosis, autism, or substance abuse disorder
  • No metal in their body (for an fMRI scan)


  • A few visits to our lab in Oakland (or at your home if you prefer) over the course of two years
  • You and your child completing interviews and questionnaires to measure your and your child’s thoughts and feelings
  • Your child completing computer tasks
  • An MRI scan measuring your child’s brain activity while they do game-like computer tasks
  • A few two-week long at-home assessments comprised of your child completing short daily questionnaires and wearing a wrist device similar to a pedometer

Status: Open to Enrollment

Primary Investigator

Cecile Ladouceur, PhD

Contact Information

  • Call 412-624-8121
  • Text MBA STUDY to 412-999-2758