Trauma-Informed Personalized Scripts (TIPS)

Protocol Description

TIPS is a clinical intervention designed to facilitate patient-provider communication on topics of intimate partner violence, reproductive coercion, and more effective birth control methods. Women are recruited to take a survey prior to their clinical visits at family planning clinics. Based on needs identified using patients' answers to a questionnaire, scripts are printed out for the provider. Patients are randomized to either receiving their own script and information or receiving none.

Eligibility Criteria

Females ages 16-29 who speak English and plan to stay in the area for the next 6 months (for follow-up survey).


Participants will take a 15 minute survey prior to their clinical visit and a brief (<5 minute) exit survey immediately following their visit. A 15 minute follow-up survey is completed 4 months later.

Status: Enrollment is Now Closed

Source(s) of Support

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Additional Information

Adolescent Medicine Research

Primary Investigator

Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD

Contact Information

Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD: 412-692-8504;
Sarah Zelazny (study coordinator): 412-692-6359;