Weight Management for Children Having Surgical Procedures

Optimizing the Perioperative Period: A Healthy Lifestyle Program

Protocol Description

This study evaluates the effectiveness of a weight management program for overweight children presenting for a surgical procedure. Researchers hope to determine whether surgery may be a motivating factor for weight loss.

Eligibility Criteria

If they meet the study criteria for weight and BMI, children ages 8 through 12 who have been scheduled for surgery will be invited to participate in the study during the perioperative appointment (day of surgery).
Boys and Girls: Ages 8 to through 12


Participants will be randomly assigned to a group that will either participate in a weight management program following surgery (the treatment group) or will not (standard care). As part of the research, both groups will undergo blood draws, be weighed and measured and will complete questionnaires at the time of surgery and again 6 months later. Those in the treatment group will participate in 11 meetings between the first and sixth months after surgery to learn about exercise, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyle behaviors, and to participate in 30 minutes of supervised physical activity.
Visits: 11 for those in the treatment group; 2 for those in the standard care group
Duration: Up to 6 months for the treatment group

Status: Open to Enrollment

Additional Information

Anesthesiology Research

Primary Investigator

Dana Rofey, PhD

Contact Information

For more information about the study or enrollment, please contact:
Denise McCarthy RN, BSN, CRC