Pancreatitis INSPPIRE 2 Study

Pediatric Longitudinal Cohort Study of Chronic Pancreatitis (INSPPIRE 2)

Protocol Description

The INSPPIRE 2 multi-center observational study is a database of information from children with pancreatitis designed to help researchers determine the prevalence, causes, and progression of the disease. By gathering information from children with pancreatitis, researchers hope to better understand the disease process so as to develop better tests and treatments.

Eligibility Criteria

Patients of both genders through age 18, who have been diagnosed with acute recurrent pancreatitis or chronic pancreatitis, are eligible for inclusion.
Boys and Girls: Through age 18


At enrollment, a pediatric pancreatitis patient questionnaire will be completed, along with other baseline testing. Questionnaires will be repeated once a year for 4 years until the patient reaches age 21, or as longer if possible.
Visits: Once a year
Duration: Until age 21, and longer if possible

Status: Open for Enrollment

Source(s) of Support

The National Institutes of Health Consortium for the Study of Chronic Pancreatitis, Diabetes, and Pancreatic Cancer (CPDPC)

Additional Information

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Primary Investigator

Douglas Lindbad, MD

Contact Information

For more information about the study or enrollment, please contact:
Susan Richey, RN