Flu Study

Option B Children & Adolescent RCT: Immunologic Response to Influenza Vaccination in Children and Adolescents

Protocol Description

Whether different versions of the flu vaccine are equivalent or not for children is unclear. The purpose of this study is to assess the body’s immune response (the body’s defense against disease) to two different versions of the flu shot – an egg-based shot and a cell-based shot.


Children in this study may benefit from receiving the flu shot. Additionally, this study may help researchers to better understand the flu vaccine. This is important in protecting public health.

Eligibility Criteria

Subject to certain exclusion criteria, the study is accepting participants of both genders, ages four to 20 years old. Participants may not be pregnant or taking immunosuppressing drugs.


Children enrolled in the study will be randomly selected to receive one of two flu vaccines – a cell-based flu shot or an egg based flu shot. Participants will have three study visits and have blood draws at each visit. Study participation will last approximately 28 days.

Status: Open to Enrollment

Source(s) of Support

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Primary Investigator

Judith Martin, MD

Contact Information

For more information about this study, please call 412-712-7668.