Pfizer Growth Study Program

KIGS: Pfizer International Growth Study for Genotropin®

Protocol Description

This is a multicenter observational database and study to gather information about children’s growth response and long-term effects from growth hormone replacement therapy using Genotropin®, a recombinant DNA hormone from Pfizer. This study provides information to doctors prescribing Genotropin to treat children and adolescents, ultimately helping physicians to use it more effectively.

Eligibility Criteria

Participation in this database/study is open to all children who are receiving Genotropin for growth failure associated with an inadequate secretion of growth hormone or with other conditions for which growth hormone treatment has been approved.
Boys: All ages
Girls: All ages


Participation will only involve data collection, starting during each participant’s first treatment with growth hormone and will continue during subsequent routine visits with the child’s doctor. The study will collect and record all medical record information from lab tests, x-rays and clinic visits.
Visits: None beyond normal clinical care
Duration: Until patient is no longer seen in clinic

Status: Open for Enrollment

Source(s) of Support

Pfizer International, Inc.

Primary Investigator

Oscar Escobar, MD

Contact Information

To get started, please contact:
Ana Diaz, RN
Virginia Stefanick, RN