Pediatric Heart Transplant Database

Protocol Description

The Pediatric Heart Transplant Study (PHTS) database is a large, ongoing multi-center study about heart transplant patients to review outcomes and help learn more about heart transplants. Information collected for this study will be sent to a central data collection center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. More than 50 pediatric centers are participating in the PHTS.

Eligibility Criteria

All pediatric heart transplant candidates or recipients cared for at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC will be approached for enrollment in this study. Patients over 18 years of age at the time of listing for transplant will not be enrolled.
Boys: Newborn - 17 years
Girls: Newborn – 17 years


With the consent of parents/guardians, medical information routinely collected for a child’s clinical care will be submitted to the PHTS database from the time the child is listed, with additional data added yearly prior to transplant and every 3 months after transplant. No extra testing or visits are required. The data is submitted in anonymous fashion.
Visits: None outside of standard clinical care
Duration: Until patient is no longer followed at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Status: Enrolls Only from Current Patient Cases

Primary Investigator

Brian Feingold, MD

Contact Information

For information, please contact:
Maggie Abraham, CCRC