Fitness Program for Children and Adolescents Following Cancer Therapy – Phase III

ALTE1631: A Web-based Physical Activity Intervention among Children and Adolescents

Protocol Description

The overall goal of this Children’s Oncology Group study is to compare the effectiveness of two reward-based websites to help children and teenagers who have completed therapy for cancer to maintain physical activity to improve energy levels and overall health. Both web approaches allow the participants to monitor their own activity and earn rewards, but one approach also includes social facets – the ability to see other group members’ activity and to interact with them. The program addresses the fact that some children and teenagers who have received treatment for cancer are at risk for gaining weight and having lower activity levels, feeling tired, and having problems with their bones, muscles, and overall health. Sometimes this is due to long-term side effects of drugs used for cancer therapy.

Study Level: III

Eligibility Criteria

This study is enrolling patients ages 8 to 15, who completed therapy for childhood cancer.
Males and Females: Ages 8 to 15 years


Participants will be given a physical activity tracking device to wear throughout the study along with guidance on maintaining physical activity during the initial 24-week (6-month) interventional period. Participants will be randomly assigned to either a limited-access website for activity tracking or a full-access website, which includes social facets. Participants will upload their data to the website at least once a week during the interventional period. Participants will return for physical examinations, tests and body measurements at 24, 48, and 72 weeks.
Visits: 4
Duration: About 1-1/2 years for most participants

Status: Open to Enrollment

Source(s) of Support

Children’s Oncology Group (ALTE1631)
National Cancer Institute

Primary Investigator

Jean M. Tersak, MD

Contact Information

For more information about the study or enrollment, please contact the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Hematology-Oncology research team, at: