Neuroblastoma Biology Studies


Protocol Description

The purpose of this Children's Oncology Group study is to learn more about neuroblastoma and gain a better understanding of the genes that control neuroblastoma growth. The study involves the collection of tissues, such as the neuroblastoma tumor, and blood and/or bone marrow obtained during medical procedures. Tissue obtained will be subject to specialized laboratory testing to assess genetic information and analyze chromosomal abnormalities with a goal of providing better understanding of prognosis for patients with neuroblastoma. More than 3,600 subjects will take part in this multi-center study.

Eligibility Criteria

Male and female patients under the age of 21 and diagnosed with neuroblastoma, who are preparing to undergo a biopsy, a resection or a clinical procedure will be asked to participate in this study.
Boys: 6 months to 21 years
Girls: 6 months to 21 years


Participants will be asked for permission to use samples of their tumor, blood and/or bone marrow to learn more about neuroblastoma. All samples will be obtained at the time of their surgery or from standard clinical procedures and only residual samples will be used for this research study. A blood test will be necessary in order to understand some of the studies done on the tumor tissue.
Visits: Not applicable
Duration: Not applicable

Status: Open to Enrollment

Source(s) of Support

Children’s Oncology Group (Study ANBL00B1)
National Cancer Institute

Primary Investigator

Jean M. Tersak, MD

Contact Information

To get started, please contact:
Jean Tersak, MD