Wilms Tumor Treatment with Combination Chemotherapy and Surgery – Phase III

Treatment for Patients with Bilateral, Multicentric, or Bilaterally-Predisposed Unilateral Wilms Tumor

Protocol Description

This Children’s Oncology Group Phase III study seeks to develop standards of therapy for various types and stages of the rare kidney tumor known as the Wilms tumor and certain precursor conditions. Researchers hope that through this research, chemotherapy treatments can be refined so as to eliminate tumor cells while preserving as much of the kidney as possible.

Study Level: Phase III

Eligibility Criteria

Subject to certain exclusion criteria, the study is open to individuals of both genders, who have been diagnosed with Wilms tumor or who have been diagnosed with diffuse hyperplastic perilobar nephrogenic rests (DHPLNR), which have a higher likelihood of developing into a Wilms tumor.
Males: Up to age 22
Females: Up to age 22


Researchers have established separate tracks depending on they type and stage of Wilms tumor or DHPLNR. Each begins with 3, 2-week cycles of chemotherapy followed by evaluation and possible surgery, followed by additional chemotherapy and possibly additional surgery. The length of participation will vary with the regimen, which may last from 18 to 43 weeks.
Duration: 18 to 43 weeks, with patients followed for up to 10 years

Status: Open for Enrollment

Source(s) of Support

Children’s Oncology Group (Study AREN0534)
National Cancer Institute

Primary Investigator

A. Kim Ritchey, MD

Contact Information

For additional information, please contact:
Jill Visnich