Pediatric Tumors and Specimen Study

ACNS02B3: A Children’s Oncology Group Protocol for Collecting and Banking Pediatric Specimens Including Rare Pediatric Tumors

Protocol Description

This Children's Oncology Group study will examine tumor tissue and blood samples, providing medical scientists with insight into the genetic causes and signs of disease that will help in both detecting tumors early and preventing the occurrence of tumors. Future research tests using banked samples may reveal new information about participants’ cancer, cancer in general, or even other medical disorders.

Eligibility Criteria

Patients up to age 21 who have been determined to have a tumor and who are scheduled to have some body tissue removed for testing will be asked to participate in this study.
Boys: Up to age 21
Girls: Up to age 21


During diagnostic procedures or surgery, when a sample of the tumor is removed for evaluation, excess tissue that has been removed but is not needed to make the diagnosis will be kept for research. Likewise, when blood is drawn for routine tests, an additional sample will be collected.
Visits: None beyond normal clinical care
Duration: Not applicable

Status: Open for Enrollment

Source(s) of Support

Children’s Oncology Group
National Cancer Institute

Primary Investigator

A. Kim Ritchey, MD

Contact Information

For more information:
A. Kim Ritchey, MD