Deformational Plagio and Torticollis Treatment Study

Early Aggressive Repositioning and Physical Therapy for Patients with Deformational Plagio and Torticollis

Protocol Description

The first goal of this study is to determine the effectiveness of first-line therapies for deformational plagio (misshapen head) and congenital muscular torticollis (twisted neck) if started at an early age. These therapies include aggressive repositioning (AR), “tummy time” (TT) and physical therapy (PT). The second goal is to determine if these conservative therapies can negate the need for helmet therapy (HT) and therefore decrease the impact on the healthcare system and families. HT can be expensive and introduces risk of side effects, such as pressure areas, wounds and contact dermatitis. The effectiveness of AR, TT and PT to negate the need for HT at an early age is currently understudied.

Eligibility Criteria

Newborns of both genders up to age 4 months who are being treated for deformational plagio and congenital muscular torticollis by the Division of Pediatric Plastic Surgery and the Physical Therapy Department of UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh are eligible for inclusion in the study.
Newborns: Up to age 4 months


The study aggregates medical record data of patients.
Visits: None beyond normal treatment for these conditions
Duration: Not applicable

Status: Status: Open to Enrollment

Primary Investigator

Regina Fenton, CRNP

Contact Information

For more information about the study, please contact:
Research Specialist Jennifer Fantuzzo, BS