MRI Heart Health Study

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Assess Age-specific Biventricular Volumes and Function in Children without Cardiovascular Abnormalities

Protocol Description

The objective of this study is to establish age-specific normal parameters for heart chamber volumes, function and flow by cardiovascular magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) for children between 8 and 17 years of age. Collection of this normal data is critical for physicians and the pediatric medical community in general to understand the abnormal cardiac function in children born with congenital heart diseases.

Eligibility Criteria

The study is open to children of both genders, ages 8 to 17 without existing cardiac issues, who are scheduled for an MRI exam at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.
Boys: Ages 8 to 17
Girls: Ages 8 to 17


Participants who are already receiving an MRI scan who participate in this research will need to stay in the scanner an additional 35 minutes while images are taken of the heart. No sedation or contrast dyes are required.
Visits: 1
Duration: No follow up procedure necessary

Status: Open for Enrollment

Primary Investigator

Shobhit Madan, MD, MPH
Sameh Tadros, MD, MSc (co-investigator)

Contact Information

For information, please contact:
Shobhit Madan, MD