TrialNet - Type 1 Diabetes and Rituximab

The Effect of Rituximab on the Progression of Type 1 Diabetes

Protocol Description

This research study is being done to determine if rituximab can stop the loss of cells that make insulin in those who have recently developed Type 1 diabetes. Insulin is a hormone needed by the body to use glucose for energy and growth. Rituximab is approved for the treatment of a blood condition called lymphoma and for rheumatoid arthritis and potentially can assist the body in continuing to produce its own insulin.

Eligibility Criteria

The study is closed to enrollment but subjects enrolled elsewhere may transfer to the CHP site. Participants are between the ages of 8 and 45 years of age.
Males: age 8 to 45
Females: age 8 to 45


Follow up procedures involve clinical visits over 2 or possibly 4 years. After the first two years of the study, patients still making insulin will be asked to return every 6 months for another 2 years. A total of 87 people throughout all TrialNet sites are taking part in this study.
Visits: 12
Duration: 2 to 4 years

Status: Active, Enrollment Closed

Source(s) of Support

National Institute of Health
National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive & Kidney Disease

Primary Investigator

Dorothy Becker, MBBCh

Contact Information

For information, please contact:
Karen Riley, RN